Karenina Kliber
Artist ~ Photographer
I was born in Oxford, 1964, to a world of silence and all I could see were lips moving but no sound was to be heard.  I was a frightened and frustrated little girl who was very aware there was something missing in my life. I did not know how to communicate or speak for myself. No one knew I was deaf until the age of five when they switched on my first pair of hearing aids - I screamed and went into hiding.  The loud sounds coming from all directions were too overwhelming for me because I could not make sense of the words spoken. My mother taught me to speak and read but with great difficulty. My childhood was a painful and lonely time for me and by the time I was sent to a boarding school for the deaf I felt totally rejected by my parents.

I began to draw at a very early age and this took me to a place where I could escape from all the pain and suffering that went on around me. Soon I found joy in my observations of people; how they behaved, their expressions and their gestures. In later years my work developed through copying other well known artistsí work, through which I eventually found my own unique style.  By the time I was eighteen years old I was ready to take a degree in Fine Art. When I was offered a place, a change in my personal circumstances meant I could not go ahead with the course.  I never thought it would be another 26 years before I would return to my love of art again. 

My fondness for photography grew from the first moment I was given a cheap camera for Christmas one year.  It was the most exciting moment of my life when I realised I could now take a photograph and record personal events, and recently I have come to specialise on the subject of flowers and landscapes.  In fact I have my camera with me wherever I go and when something catches my eye I often stop and take a picture of it.

My work includes a wide range of media including pencil/pen drawing, pastels, oils and acrylics.  The media may be used separately or mixed.  My art work and photographs are all available for sale, framed and unframed.  I also accept commissioned work of your personal choice.
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